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  1. add skype : ozkanozdemirx i need talking to u.

  2. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! fixed. the problem was on GetUserInfo
  3. int32 man. maybe you could check completely via teamviewer? give me your skype to add
  4. this is it: https://pastebin.com/m5RbrDmv version 2117
  5. that's configured ok. i can't see others players 😕
  6. Hello guys. i was trying to fix this but i failed. so i'm here to ask you about this problem and a way to fix it. problem: i can't see others players in game, but i can see them in left board, also i can see text when they wrote something in chat, also i can pm etc. all but i cant see them. last time in chat i ask i got this answer: "check" WIZ_REQ_USERIN WIZ_USER_INOUT WIZ_REGION_CHANGE i checked all and looks fine (i think) the KO version is 2117. if someone has time to help me i really appreciate. -- mesaja ek olarak -- The problem image preview:
  7. i was a big noob. i didn't check ItemID in ACHIEVE_MAIN table. and that ItemID doesnt exists in ITEM. hahahaa man really thanks!!!
  8. There is the full code of achievehandler: https://pastebin.com/3kJgY7RA i will try it.
  9. this is the part for give the item, but it doesn't work.
  10. teşekkürler
  11. zudokuxd10

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  12. I was trying to fix the Achievement Reward but i failed obviusly. so i need some help. when i pick an item chest for reward it only message: "Item Issued" and i never receive the item. what i need to do here. thx
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