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Hosting - Which hosting service provider

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Hello all, I plan to start new server soon but im not experienced with hosting provider stuff.
I would be appreciated for any tips about those as well as any information about yours experience in this matter.

1) Which hosting service provider should i choose and what important factor should i consider before decide for one?

Which provider do you recommend?

OVH - is well knwon provider with quite a few option in their offer:

as far as I understand - Turkish provider with quite cheap service:

There are for sure a lot more of those eg. this one that seems so offer a bit cheaper setup then OVH but i dont met with it yet:

2) What kind of setup would be sufficient for:
max 400 player
max 1500 player

3) What is more important: amount of CPU or RAM in terms of handling large amout of users?

4) Is HDD - SATA sufficient or NVMe is obligatory?

Thanks from advanced


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