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CrystalKO | v1299 | MYKO | Medium Farm&Exp | BETA: 19/02/2021 - 21:00 GMT+3

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#### Don't forget to Join our Discord server for important and latest announcements, notices and updates! ####



Crystal-MYKO | V1299 | Medium FARM & EXP | MYKO SERVER



[ BETA LAUNCH ] : 19/02/2021 

TIME : 21:00 GMT+3





What is BETA going to be all about?

You will get a chance to try all of the events and find out about the rewards!

Power Up Store will be free for your own use and experience!

BETA will be PK, and all the items that you will need will be in your inventory!

You will be able to level up to 72 via [BETA] Manager NPC in Moradon!

Master items will be in your inventory too!



Rewards for BETA Top User Rankings

Top 1 Karus & El Morad = 4000 Knight Cash on Official

Top 2 Karus & El Morad = 3000 Knight Cash on Official

Top 3 Karus & El Morad = 2500 Knight Cash on Official

Top 4 Karus & El Morad = 1500 Knight Cash on Official

Top 5 Karus & El Morad = 1000 Knight Cash on Official




[ OFFICIAL LAUNCH ] : 26/02/2021 

TIME : 21:00 GMT+3





Max Level : 72 [ There will be 2 stages ]

Server Type : Medium FARM & EXP

Max Item Upgrade : +8 [ However, +8 will not be activated at 1st stage! ]

Accessory Compound : You can upgrade accessories to +1 with a chance of 50% - You can also upgrade 'OLD' Accessories for a normal unique with a chance of 50%

*** +10 and +12 also activated and you can check our Upgrade Rates for more information about the rates. ***


Starter Gear will be the same as written below:

-Low Class goblin set.

-Beginner accessories.

-Beginner weapons.

-Beginner scrolls.

-Beginner potions.





Border Defense War

Forgotten Temple

Juraid Mountain



Last Nation Standing

Collection Race

Kill Gift

Lunar War

Castle Siege War

NP Bonus

EXP Bonus


Additional GM Events



About Server progression & stages:

-Server will be opened with 'Master closed' , and 'max level cap at 65.'

-You can obtain High Class items only from BOSSES, Chests, Fragments, Gems and as well as from Orc Bandit Officers in Colony Zone with low chances.


*** For details on our drop list, please click here ***


-At first stage, there will be only some events such as BDW, FT, Deathmatch, etc... You will be able to obtain BDW and FT Win Badges as long as you win the events! Then you can exchange them for FT Neck and Belt! **** Please refer to our forums for more informations. ****

-For each kill in CZ, you will receive " Wisdom of Heisenberg " and you can exchange them for Secondary Necklace in Moradon [Exchange] Edward NPC.

-Monster, bosses and etc.. will mostly drop old items and you will also have a chance to change the style of weapons with OLD STYLE to NEW STYLE & NEW STYLE to OLD STYLE scrolls!

- 2nd Stage will be activated after 1 week of Official server and All will be activated! [ Master, Chitin Shells, Iron Neck&Belt, Chitin Shield drops, etc... ]



Power Up Store Informations

****For more details on POWER UP STORE, please click here!****


2000 HP Scroll

350 Defense Scroll

1500 HP Scroll

300 Defense Scroll  

Attack Scroll

Speed Potion

Power of Lion Scroll(Stat)(L)

Dex Scroll(Stat)(L)  

HP Scroll(Stat)(L)  

STR Scroll(Stat)(L)  

INT Scroll(Stat)(L)

Weapon Enchant Scroll

Armor Enchant Scroll

Necklace of Gods [Donation Necklace]

Premium Potions HP [5000]

Premium Potions MP [5000]

Mount Scroll (%60 EXP)

Scroll of Teleport friend

Trina's Piece    x1

Name Change Scroll

Job Change [Non Master]

Nation Transfer Scroll

70 Quest Pack Unpack item  

70 Quest Change Scroll

Prayer of Gods (30)

Gender Change Scroll

New style to Old

Old style to New

Gold Premium

Silver Premium

Bronze Premium

Knight Cash Vouchers

Hera Transform Scroll

Menissiah Transform Scroll

Cougar Transform Scroll


**** Our PUS does not include items that would make difference, these are all normal items that every KO has in their system. ****

**** Only Donation Necklace is there as something different than normal, but it has normal stats and nobody is forced to buy, however; we appreciate all the donations. ****


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Linkler hazir fakat şuanda sadece Forum üzerinden indirme işlemi yapabilirsiniz.
KO-Panel ile indirme ve kayit olma en kisa sürede uygun olacaktir.
Dahasi için beklemede kalin!


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-BETA Registrations are now open! You can register in our KO-Panel!
-You can now download our Client via KO-Panel : https://crystalmyko.com/?page=download

-BETA Üyeliklari açıktır! Artik KO-Panel'imiz üzerinden üyelik alma işlemini gerçekleştirebilirsiniz.
-Şuandan itibaren Client'imizi KO-Panel üzerinden indirebilirsiniz; https://crystalmyko.com/?page=download


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Merhabalar sevgili Şövalyeler!
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Şimdiden bol şans!
Linkteki post üzerinden katilim sağlayiniz!
5 Kazanan olacaktir!
Ödül: 3000 Knight Cash & 1000x Wisdom of Heisenberg


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