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hello everyone
today i have some question's
and some problem and i hope that some one can help me :)
1- what is the Authority number of block account(TB_user)
2- is there any php code that i can use in my panel to dc player from the server?
tryed to delete from CURRENTUSER but its just work for online list in panel

im trying to use zentiva panel but i keep getting this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined method mrxSQL_Core::get_object() in C:\AppServ\www\MYKO\panel2\system\configuration.php on line 25

this is line 25

$settings = $db->get_object('SELECT TOP 1 * FROM ' . WEB_DB . '.dbo._web_settings');

db config

$database = array('DRIVER' => 'SQL Server Native Client 11.0', 'SERVER' => 'BIN-PC', 'DSN' => 'Kn_online', 'UID' => 'Web', 'PASS' => 'Web', 'WEB_DB' => 'Kn_online', 'GAME_DB' => 'Kn_online');
$db = new mrxSQL_Core($database['DRIVER'], $database['SERVER'], $database['DSN'], $database['UID'], $database['PASS']);

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