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Araştırmada 14 sonuç bulundu

  1. Hello everyone, i have this problem with the Warp Gate when i try to use it there is no list of the zones. Any ideas that what might be the problem? https://www.img.gen.tr/image/jOf Thx all hope i can fix this problem.
  2. Been waiting for approval for awhile now hard to become a active member of this community if its hard to become a member trying to share some of my items i designed and converted looking to be a help so if a admin see this and could help push me thru that would be awesome
  4. code pls src
  5. code pls src
  6. code pls src
  7. I have the error when I do my normal quest opens but when I turn off the gameserver does not save the quest I get it like this -- mesaja ek olarak -- https://hizliresim.com/r0PDka
  8. sujevar

    Help With Server Files

    Good Day Im new on this server developer things and im trying to set up a local server just to have fun.i came across with this post https://www.kodevelopers.com/releases/7009-1299-surge-network-files.html and ive been trying to set up the server with some serverfiles that ive found on the web but i cant make it work. the problems that i have are this : 1. when i launch the loging server>>> Load version list fail 2.- Ai server wont start. can anyone help me with the correct ServerFiles for that database. i will apriciate very much im using Win 7 and SQl 2008 Hope you guys can help me with this thank you.
  9. Hello guys after trying and trying for 2 days i finaly could set the server files up. but now i can log into the game. i can launch it, it Allows me to put the ID and PW then i pres OK and i cant see the server list. This is my set up. and this is what happed when i log into the server Im using Orjinal_Ko_client.rar that i download from https://www.kodevelopers.com/client-paylasimlari/3375-1298-myko-client.html since is the client that supposed to work. My server.ini is Good already check that possibility Now, the strange thing is that i found some random client that has a lot of bugs and surprisingly it works But the thing is i cant play because the bugs that this client has or maybe is not for this database this is the client that allows me to log in So i come to you guys to help me with this hope to find some answers best regards
  10. I will pay the person who fixes the power up store for me and edits the client loadarea.swf file
  11. MohamedSuper

    need some help

    hello every one in the last 2 days i was trying to fix some few problems in my server but after alot of work i fail. so i decided to make post here and i hope i can get help as soon as it possible 1-Transformation Scroll only few sin skills work with it and all other class skill nothing 2-Leaders Guardian/co-Leaders Guardian not working at all i already added the skills tbl/db 3-csw weapons ..Catapult skill is the only 1 that work Ladder Truck/Leader Car/Ram skills not work at all i can Transform to them but ther skills is not working 4- abut QuestManager how can i make the quest repeatable? when i set QuestType 1 quest in all zone's cant repeat befor the chr relog Except moradon zone 5-how can i make hera scrolls and other scrolls disable? im using soacs v40
  12. xreal12x

    Help please Limit NPC

    -- mesaja ek olarak -- https://prnt.sc/iyecog
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