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  1. 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  2. Heros

    C# For ve Foreach Kullanımı

    Merhaba arkadaşlar, @ Mewtwo Özkan arkadaşımızın isteği üzerine ve forumda bilmeyen arkadaşların birazda olsa bilgilenmesi amacıyla bu konuyu sizlerle paylaşıyorum. [Gizli İçerik] Yazım hataları vs. olduysa affola ;) İyi forumlar dilerim..
  3. john7

    Looking for ko developer

    Looking for ko developer to help me edit setup ko server under payment skype: live:uberkane92
  4. Speaking on the behalf of kodevelopers.com, we are currently looking for a Knight OnLine developer that can manage/moderate English community. Requirements for the rank are; - Minimum three years of Knight OnLine development in any programming language - Fluent English - Knowing Turkish is also a plus - History with content management systems or bulletin boards is also a plus. The job is pretty straightforward. You are required to keep toxic people away. Submit your applications below. Good luck.
  5. This isn precisely an report, yet Ie experienced a few or 4 requests considering the fact that the draft in direction of produce an up-to-date element chart therefore I consideration I triple look at what Ie received and write-up it, even When the exertion towards indication much more gamers is steady.I incorporate checked that just about every standing upon my element chart seems upon the staff internet. The web and my detail chart just about every include 89 names.Notes:The quantities upon the chart upcoming toward some playersnames signify the 2021 cap strike Curtis Samuel Jersey. It is simply just mentioned for avid gamers who comprise a strike more than $1m, and the amount for Jamin Davis is believed.The colour coding utilized follows this top secret:Whilst it doesn seem to be very clear who is the rookie or the backup, I contain in essence shown veterans forward of newcomers.Wherever a stage contains 2 or extra slots (ie https://www.washingtonfanstoreonline.com/Logan_Thomas_Jersey-47. DT, DE, WR, CB, RG/LG) I haven developed any genuine energy in the direction of listing the backups guiding the newbie they are optimum in all probability in the direction of switch. Toward some extent, I include basically tried out toward equilibrium the Room upon the chart.The improvements versus the past iteration of the chart are the addition of DB Chris Miller, whom I comprise stated at powerful basic safety in spite of the employees announcement that termed him a cornerback, and a re-shuffling of the OL based mostly upon the information that Morgan Moses is trying to get a exchange. Even further TowardsHogs Haven Section Hyperlinks: Just one mind teach and a person OC upon the ot seat and Ryan Kerrigan offers his 1st thrust convention as an Eagle All aTwitter: 27 Could possibly 2021 How typically is university football simplest TE the excellent TE inside of his draft study course? 2 major NFL upgradesEach day Slop: Ryan Fitzpatrick is concentrated upon becoming in the direction of understand WFT more youthful offense; Washington in the vicinity of-excellent OTAs attendance speaks volumes The roster race is back again upon at TE with the signing of totally free representative Ricky Seals-JonesGreatest StudyAll aTwitter: 27 Could possibly 2021 Information Samuel Cosmi Jersey, hyperlinks in direction of posts, upgrades and further against DC regional writers and countrywide sports activities journalists and other folks How sometimes is university football least complicated TE the easiest TE in just his draft system?
  6. Dear all, I have doing some ko projects with server files which contains exe files and setting. Never run a server through source files! How to run a server from source file. I don't see any loginserver.exe , Aiserver.exe & gameserver.exe. The database is for SQL server 2017 and Visual studio also 2017. https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1xWy-2QQvW9LILRubCdgEUqV4a5vLfaIy&export=download This is the full dB, server files source and client I know I am not clear with the topic but if you want to know anything more. I will try to tell you as much I know. Thanks in advance
  7. Merhaba ; LatinKo Source üzerinde LatinKo Clienti ile beraber karşılaştığım bir kaç sorun var. Fikir yada çözüm arıyorum. İlk olarak Cospre inventory de Magic bag slotunun yanında ki 3. slot tik yaptıgınızda DC veriyor işin ilginç tarafı Ronarkland haritasında bu hata olmuyor. MilitaryCamp olmayan haritalarda mı aceba dedim savaş haritasına gittim ancak orada da DC verdi. Herhangi bir hata log yok Belki Client problemi ancak ; Client içersinde tbl ve hdr dosyasını acıp alanı kaldırmayı düşündüm UIF editor hata veriyor clientte asıl kullanılan dosyaları açmıyor. Diğer olay oyun içinde GM karakterde gördüğüm bi bölüm diğer deneme hesaplarda yok. Oyuncuya report notu girdiğinde GM DC oluyor ve Gameserver'a Log düşüyor. False olarak döndüğünde Gm olan karakter DC oluyor. Sonuçta oyuncu taraflı bir olumsuzluğunu görmedim ancak merakımın peşinden koşuyorum. Konuyu takipteyim, iyi forumlar.
  8. Been waiting for approval for awhile now hard to become a active member of this community if its hard to become a member trying to share some of my items i designed and converted looking to be a help so if a admin see this and could help push me thru that would be awesome
  9. I want to get a full list of tools needed to get a server up and developed to give people like myself a starting point to start looking into if you could link down different parts of the forums or names of tools I will updated this post, and start researching into each one for a personal project try leave a reason why its good to use. Thanks
  10. I will pay the person who fixes the power up store for me and edits the client loadarea.swf file
  11. vipshow

    Looking for this model!

    Alternate address: Hello everyone, I really like the model of Goku on the picture. Who knows which server is there, or can you share a client with me?
  12. Hey, My name is Dominik im from Poland, Have much experience in knight online(1299 version, not only *player and developer) Like working on this version. Can bulid web site for your server with Admin Panel and other fuction, example vote system, multi-lang, seal item... and many many. Skype: janekback My best project is Global Knight Online. (easy to find in google) Regards, Janek
  13. (2014)Sanırım Windows 10 da sql server kurarken management studio ile birlikte kurulmuyor. aynısını yaşadım biliyorum belkide sadece bendedir. eğer ihtiyacı olan vardır diye şuraya bırakıyım belki biri alıp kullanır http://download.microsoft.com/download/E/A/E/EAE6F7FC-767A-4038-A954-49B8B05D04EB/MgmtStudio%2032BIT/SQLManagementStudio_x86_ENU.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/E/A/E/EAE6F7FC-767A-4038-A954-49B8B05D04EB/MgmtStudio%2064BIT/SQLManagementStudio_x64_ENU.exe ALINTIDIR
  14. Merhaba arkadaşlar resimdede görüldüğü gibi ırk değişimi ekranında hata alıyorum sadece bir yol göstermenizi temenni ederim teşekkürler....
  15. [KAYNAK="0haa9, post: 18716930, member: 389730"] Tüm sorunları giderdik ve 2. serverımız Beramus'u 19 Ocak Cuma günü 20:00'de tekrar açıyoruz! Soru ve sorunlar için; www.facebook.com/farmzone adresimize mesaj atabilirsiniz. Apostle ve Golem'lerden High Class Itemleri KALDIRDIK! Klasgame İle Anlaşmamız Vardır. Official (19.01.2018 / 20:00) Ödülleri; CSW 1.500 TL Server'in 2. haftası yapılacaktır! Level Sınırı : 70 (Level sınırı ilk etapta maksimum 62 LVL Olacaktır. İlerleyen günlerde oyunun düzeni ve dengesine göre 70 LVL Sınırı takip edecektir. __________________________________________________________________________ Quest Sistemi&Yenlik : 1299 Versiyonun orjinalinde bulunan tüm görevler aktif olacktır. Extra Saymalı Armor&Weapon Quest Görevleri. Moradon Town'da Bulunan [Quest]Gargameth isimli npc' den Her Job İçin Chitin +3 Görevleri ve Örnek Veriyorum Rogue İçin +3 Md Ve'ya +3 İronx Alabilirsiniz Görev Örneği; Rogue Weapon 50 adet Burning Skeleton Ruhu Getirseniz +3 Md Veya +3 İron X Alabilirsiniz. Görevler 1 Kere Yapılabilir.(Görevler Set Halinde Değildir,Her Armor İçin Ayrı Bir Görev Vardır.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quest Sistemi Yenilik 2 Moradon Town'da bulunan [Quest]Hades isimli Npc 45 Level'den sonra açılan saymalı exp görevlerini alarak yapabilirsiniz. Harita Sistemi : 1299 Moradon,Emc,LFC,1299 CZ Etkinlikler ve (Event Haritaları) ve Etkinlikler Sırası ile atkif edilecektir. Border Defanse War ( 2.Gün Aktif Olacaktır) Lunar War (Serverın 5.Günü Savaş Olacaktır) Bi-frost (1 Hafta Sonra Aktif Olacaktır) Forgetten Temple Castle Siege War ( 1.500 TL Ödüllü 2.Hafta) Chaos Stone Cursed Santa (Extra Ödüllü ) Gm Kill Event (Extra Ödüllü ) Drop Notice Sistemi (Unique İtem) Upgrade Notice Sistemi (+7üstü) >>>
  16. Hey guys, I just want to create fun and exciting maps for people to play in and have it added to the most popular and easiest to code server version, I know its easier said than done so I am looking for some beginners advice on whats the most stable server version to start on a map to get maps going. I like to create environments so if anyone wants to get the coding done with me and a friend let us know! Thanks
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