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  1. Looks nice
  2. Hey bro erm what is it that you are looking for?

  3. thisisnoobdev

    List of Tools for Developers

    Sorry Just want to get an understanding what does the following parts mean if someone could explain would be really helpful: New Part: particle? New Bundle: Run a bunch of scripts together New Group: ??? - not sure yet
  4. hi bro english? im from greece send me your skype we can helpo each other ifu want

  5. Looks good - Anything you personally added to make the server unique?
  6. thisisnoobdev

    List of Tools for Developers

    Does anyone know the list to this tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGnDogTCCqA Thanks in advance If you can upload would be great
  7. thisisnoobdev

    List of Tools for Developers

    1. Worked with briefly will start learning again - 2. Microsoft SQL Server - Guessing this has to be dedicated may just work off a virtual drive on a computer you think that will work for testing? Does anyone have any free online sites that host for free let us know thanks 3. Git - Quick question - this the one you talking about? https://git-scm.com/downloads The list so far has had a software perspective anyone can help with a game artist prespective please appreciated In regards to actual edit tools for KO models and getting them ready for coders thanks.
  8. thisisnoobdev

    KODevelopers Nedir?

    Thanks for share brother
  9. I want to get a full list of tools needed to get a server up and developed to give people like myself a starting point to start looking into if you could link down different parts of the forums or names of tools I will updated this post, and start researching into each one for a personal project try leave a reason why its good to use. Thanks
  10. thisisnoobdev

    Best KO Version for map editing

    Thanks very helpful going to create some topics regarding latest versions to use editors.
  11. Hey guys, I just want to create fun and exciting maps for people to play in and have it added to the most popular and easiest to code server version, I know its easier said than done so I am looking for some beginners advice on whats the most stable server version to start on a map to get maps going. I like to create environments so if anyone wants to get the coding done with me and a friend let us know! Thanks
  12. thisisnoobdev

    [1298] Soacs Npc Buff

    Thanks for share - can't wait to use once im unlocked to download -
  13. Hey I just joined to see if you guys supported english content looks like you do really nice if your in need of a moderator I may give my service but I need to get use to your forums first to make sure I know what your looking for Just signed up today will pour through the forums coming days - Wont be around from the 24th August till about 19ths September though. Thanks
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